Fort Saskatchewan Real Estate

Learn more about Fort Saskatchewan real estate on this page where you’ll find city information as well as up-to-date listings for Fort Saskatchewan homes for sale.

Although Fort Saskatchewan officially became a city in 1985, it retains the welcoming atmosphere of a small town. Situated just 15 minutes from Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan real estate is a great option for commuters.

There is lots to enjoy in the city itself, including over 75 km of trails for walking and biking, golf courses, a swimming pool, restaurants and more.

One fun fact about Fort Saskatchewan is that a herd of sheep is used to keep the city’s grass short during the summer. This also led to the city’s official mascot, Auggie the sheep. Auggie is short for Augustus, after Fort Augustus which was an early trading post in the area.

The three main neighbourhoods of Fort Saskatchewan are Sherridon, Westpark and Pineview, with each providing different options for homebuyers. Sherridon represents the city’s lively downtown with its shops and restaurants. Westpark is known as a picturesque area with its trails and parks. Pineview offers something between Sherridon and Westpark with both parks and business present here.

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